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5th September 2018

Final Subdivision Lots ready for sale

As some of you may know, we sold the last lot in the fisrt stage of our subdivisions earlier this year to Regis, a friend of a friend.
This means so far all lots have been sold to friends or friends of friends, which is creating a  really nice neighbourhood.
We have used the procceds from this last sale to go towards the roadworks and surveying required to get the second stage ready.
The lasst surveyors pegs have gone into the ground last week and we just received the plans for those last four lots.

So lots 5 to 8 are now ready for sale and we already had several inquiries for them, without telling the news to the real-estate agents.
They range from 75 to 250 acres in size and from $260,000 to $545,000 in price.

Lake overflow
Map showing these last four lots and how close they are to Emerald falls

View from the back ridge on lot 6

View from Cooley hill on lot 7
washout in road
The great volcanic soils along emerald road

View from the hill on lot 5

panoramic view from Cooley hill on lot 7

view from large flat hill on lot 7
typical dry sclerophyll on lot 8

drone-view from just above the house site on lot 7, now that is privacy!

For pricing and more info, CLICK HERE.
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