Frequently Asked Questions - MISCELLANEOUS

How big will the community initially be?
We intend to grow the community in several stages. In stage five of the project we intend to create living spaces for 6-8 people on the property, in stage 6 we envisage having 20-40 residents. With such a large property we did not want to set any maximum number until we have a better feel for the sustainable capacity of the land.

Is there a limit on size of population?
No more than about 50-100 people per settlement. On such a large property there may be several settlements.

Annual costs and ongoing expenses?
These will be determined according to land and amenities.
For our current estimates please see
Fees & Charges

Do any of the current members have experience in land sharing?
there are a few members who have co-owned property and many members that have lived in communal situations

Are Children allowed at Kanjini Co-Op?
Kanjini Co-Op welcomes children of all ages. We believe that sharing the responsibility of child rearing is best as a 'village' approach.
Children benefit greatly from differing points of view, sharing experiences with people of all ages and a broader variety of communication. The richness that arises from sharing the experiences, affection and skills of people other than the parents is profound and an important part of a healthy childhood (sadly missing in many a child's life today). Children are encouraged to participate in daily activities as valuable learning and at Kanjini Co-Op we plan to have areas dedicated as children and
youth spaces where the children and youth will be invited to participate in the decision making process affecting their communal spaces.

How can I help Kanjini Co-Op without becoming a member?
There are many ways and dozens of people have helped and are helping Kanjini to manifest its vision.
You can spread the word about Kanjini by telling people or displaying the flyers. You can come to meetings. You can volunteer for jobs or
register as a Supporter. You can donate or lend money to the Cooperative to help develop the property.
You can come to Workshops or a Working Bee and have a great time sharing a lot of laughter, heart and gardening energy!

Do any of your members have lives or activities outside of the Co-op?
Yes Members have lives outside the Co-Op. These may be businesses and income streams that are not located on Kanjini Land. And as we said above it will be a while before we can start living on the land. Some members might not live on Kanjini land for a long time and just keep supporting Kanjini financially and by helping with planning, advertising and research and by contributing in meetings. Members also contribute to and participate in a variety of outside activities, organisations and leisure activities.

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