The Unique Value Proposition is the 'How' Kanjini Co-Op fulfils its Mission.
The Organisational Development is the 'What' Kanjini Co-Op will do to fulfil its Mission

Organisational Development

Unique Value Proposition


A rural cooperative focused on pooling & sharing resources to co-create sustainable abundance, using Permaculture ethics and design principles.

To create and implement innovative social, technological, economic and environmental solutions that are important for global and local resilience and sustainability.


Sharing daily life in a spiritual, joyful, and cooperative way, while developing primary production and other thriving businesses which capture market needs and align with our values.

Nurturing and growing our individual selves, our group cohesion and our collective vision, while relating respectfully and harmoniously to each other and the land.


Prosperity – having an abundance and variety of sustainable resources, happiness and financial stability
Harmonious Relationships- honouring ourselves and each other with words and actions that align with our vision and values in a trusting and open manner with dignity, integrity and respect
Cooperation - using tolerance, fairness, open communication and team work to resolve possible challenges and conflicts and to achieve our vision.
Sustainability - maintaining a positive impact through our activities with the environment, our members and the wider community for the benefit of present and future generations.
Continuous Improvement - committing to excellence, creativity and innovation while reaching beyond our goals and learning from and educating those around us
Humour- keeping life and work joyful and light hearted with fun interactions


  • 'Cooperative' means sharing, working together, respecting each other, pooling resources and skills,  working towards a common vision for mutual benefit
  • 'Sustainable' means fulfilling the needs of the present without degradation of the ecosystem or compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In this section you can explore the different aspects of our Vision.

Here is our full Vision Statement  OR you can browse the sections at the bottom of the page.

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