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In the Business Plan of the Disclosure Statement I read that Kanjini will be growing Papaya and Sweet Potatoes. Are these the main crops that Kanjini plans to grow ?
We included Papaya and Sweet Potatoes in our Business Plan plan as an example of cash crops suitable for the area and demand in the region. AND frankly we chose those two crops because we could access the required data required to show, for registration as a Trading Cooperative, that we are capable.

Kanjini Co-Op aims to create a sustainable lifestyle producing quality food for our own consumption and for exchange with the local area as a source of income. We will use many earthcare modalities such as Permaculture, Organics, Aquaponics, Biological Farming and Biodynamic Principles.  Kanjini’s aim is also to rehabilitate any areas of eroded and denuded land as well as custodianship of our food production area.

Agriculture will be engaged in for our own consumption as well as commercially. We will use permaculture, organic and biodynamic methods adapted to local conditions with a focus on seasonal and local foods, while aiming for long-term sustainability for future generations.

We envisage that we will grow a large variety of fruit trees and vegetables (with a preference to using non-hybrid and non GM seeds); spices; herbs for healing and cooking; flowers for scent, aesthetics, oils, and for attracting birds and butterflies; trees for timber, shade and bee food; bush tucker; mushrooms and fungi; bamboo (no running varieties); and industrial hemp.

Kanjini has also investigated several agricultural opportunities such as growing native fruits and pumpkin for seed oil (both of these established local business wanting more produce).

We anticipate selling our surplus commercially including farmers’ markets and food networks.  We will be looking to value add by drying, preserving, distilling, brewing and otherwise processing our produce.   Aquaculture will be practised both in our large dams as well as in smaller integrated systems incorporating algae, worms and vegetables.

We are also committed to forestry both for long-term timber production as well as for carbon sequestration.

Can I create a Co-Op business and get personal income form that?
Yes we very much welcome individuals creating and/or running Co-Op businesses. You will need to create a business plan, present it to a meeting and get approval. You could be paid a wage or get a percentage of profits for creating and/or managing the business. Kanjini Co-Op encourages members to take responsibility of different businesses and have their own sphere of responsibility and freedom to develop their creativity. We already have several profitable businesses established, but the land has potential for many more.

Can I have my own business on Co-Op land?
Yes you can by presenting a business plan and applying for a usage agreement over the space which the business will be using. We want to see a variety of businesses and activities on the land. However we will give preference to Kanjini-operated businesses and encourage people to start those (see above). Personal businesses will be required to pay a percentage of profits to Kanjini, are encouraged to employ Kanjini Co-Op members and/or should benefit Kanjini in other ways. However since the land is now purchased there are endless possibilities for businesses/ paid employment within Kanjini Co-Op owned business activities as well as opportunities for establishing privately owned income producing ventures on Co-Op land.

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