Why are we creating Kanjini Co-operative ?

    We believe that the increasing fragmentation of society (moving away from community and large families to smaller and
   smaller households)
is a main cause for the problems human society faces today.

     Living cooperatively with many people will reduce our overall requirement of resources as well as improve human relationships,

     personal growth and caring for each other and our environment.

     Living together cooperatively reduces the individual's workload and the sum of us can achieve much more than each of us could


     Daily interaction within the cooperative provides us with a rich and diverse experience and...... is fun!  


     Last, but not least, to effectively meet future challenges such as climate change and peak oil, we intend to create a sustainable
     and largely self reliant community and to be a model for others.

We have chosen a Trading Cooperative as a legal structure to pool our resources and work together.

     Unlike a Non- Trading Cooperative, a Trading Cooperative, can legally make a profit, which allows us to create wealth and   

     abundance. Together we will be multi millionaires!

     Further reasons for forming a Cooperative rather then a company are:

  • A Co-Op gives a vote to each person, while a company for example gives a vote to each dollar.
  • In a Co-Op, all decisions, including rules and membership, are made with at least 75% of votes, rather then simple majority.
  • A Co-Op can buy back shares and can charge it's members a fee to cover operational costs.
  • All cooperatives are governed by a legislated act and a set of model rules. We have adapted the latter to suit our special requirements.


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What is a Trading Cooperative?