Please Note: These figures are initial estimates only.
Kanjini Co-Op aims to be financially abundant from income producing activities. At that time, some or all fees might be covered by income from Kanjini Co-Op activities. Until such time, Kanjini requires nominal maintenance contribution from all members.
Maintenance Contribution funds will go towards council rates, land tax and insurance as well as maintenance and beautification of our assets and land.

Maintenance Contribution Schedule  - Annexure to Disclosure Statement
Please Note: We have made a successful development application to council for 11 private camping spots and two caretakers dwellings on our main property. We are currently offering our last three foundation shares to finance the construction of the first caretakers dwelling which is going to be our first share house on the property. Until that building is finished, we can welcome new and potential members for up to three month at a time in one of the camping spots or they can be accommodated at another property nearby.

The Co-Op welcomes short term visitors - food and maintenance contribution for accommodation will be charged.
Since short term visitors do not contribute membership fees, yet require Kanjini Co-Op to maintain more facilities (even though these might be used only for short periods), the maintenance contribution for visitors is significantly higher than that for members.

Kanjini Co-Op also welcomes WWOOF'ers working for up to five hours per day in exchange for food and dormitory accommodation. 

Maintenance Contribution Schedule

per night

Visitor weekly rate

Introductory Shareholder

Full Shareholder
Camping shared $20 $70 $35 $23
Camping own site $43 $150 $75 $50
Dormitory 4-bed $26 $90 $45 $30
Single room $43 $150 $75 $50
1BR & ensuite $57 $200 $100 $67
2BR & ensuite $79 $275 $138 $92
1BR Pavilion & ensuite $86 $300 $150 $100
2BR pavilion & ensuite $129 $450 $225 $150

  • No sub-letting or sub-leasing allowed
  • Food will be charged extra. All members and visitors will be charged $60/week for all evening meals, whether or not you choose to come to the shared evening meals.
  • Everyone staying at Kanjini (whit the exception of WWOOFERs) will need to pay a four week security deposit on or before arrival. This will be refunded if the person has not caused any damage or left any rubbish.
  • Children living whit their parent of legal guardian will be charged at the same rate as their guardian from age 15, at 3/4 that rate from age 11 to 14, 1/2 rate for ages 7 to 10 and 1/4 for ages 3 to 6 (below 3 years old are free)
  • If two or more people share one space, they all will be charged 2/3 of their normal rate (For example if an introductory share holder shares a single room with a visitor, the introductory share holder will be charged $50 and the visitor will be charged $100)
  • Some accommodation spaces on Kanjini Co-Op land will be available in exchange for labour contracts instead of fees.
  • Members can have family members or very good friends in their own space occasionally and for short terms at nominal maintenance contribution (eg $5.- per night or $15/week). If those people require separate accommodation, they will be charged like a residential share holder, subject to availability.

    A person applying for full or introductory membership needs to pay a twenty percent deposit plus a non-refundable application fee of $150.-. The person will need to complete a three month trial period, during which (s)he will be charged maintenance contribution as a short term visitor.
    If the person is then accepted, all of the difference between the full visitors maintenance contribution paid during the trial period and the maintenance contribution (s)he would pay as a member (either full or introductory) will be accounted as paid-up part of her/his share. The rest is due immediately. However, a payment schedule, which will include interest, can be agreed on.

    This Maintenance Contribution Schedule is an upadated DRAFT version which still needs to be approved by a meeting. It may also be amended or changed from time to time.


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