Wanna Help or Get Involved?

Come to a meeting, either in person or by skype.

We usually (not always) have a "Hearts and Minds" meeting on the last Sunday of the month. This is typically a day or a weekend of exploring the land, sometimes working bees, brainstorming ideas, advancing our planning, answering questions and whatever else comes up and wants to happen. You can attend these meetings either in person or by skype (skype prt of the meeting is usually on Sunday afternoons). We welcome new input and these meetings are informal and often a lot of fun.

We also have monthly board meetings and actively interested people which have attended several "Hearts and Minds" meetings may be allowed to attend. These are our formal meetings and usually deal with a  lot of business, so there is no time for lots of questions and talking, but focused input is welcome.

Help with some of the work

This is a very big project and there is only a small handful of  members so far, so we appreciate any help we can get.
This can be in person at a working bee or with particular projects (or start your own!), or it can be internet research or PR or whatever else you can think of which might help to advance the project.

If you want to help with any of these, please fill out our supporters questionnaire and tell us what you'd like to do.

Please help spread the Kanjini Co-Op Vision

You can simply tell your friends about us by emailing them our website URL: www.kanjini.org

Additionally you can print off some of our Hand-Outs and take them to any events you go to with people who might be interest and hand them out there or have them at a stall.

And you can also print off some of our Display Flyers and hang them on your local notice boards.

Earn commission by referring new shareholders or buyers for our subdivision lots

If you know anyone who might be interested to buy one of our remaining subdivision lots, you can earn a 1% commission on the sale price (less gst). All you need to do is email us the person's full name as well as get them to contact us, or get them to let us know that you referred them to us. This will be payable within 14 days of settlement day.

Or if you know someone who would want to become a member of Kanjini Co-Op, again simply email us the person's full name as well as get them to contact us, or get them to let us know that you referred them to us. Once they have been accepted as a member, and have paid their share capital, you will receive 1% of their paid-up share capital within 14 days of them having been accepted and paid their share capital.

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