Kanjini Co-Op Disclosure Statement

According to the Cooperatives Act 1997, Kanjini Co-Op must have a Disclosure Statement which outlines the various financial and other requirements of membership in the Co-Op. Our Kanjini Co-Op Disclosure Statement also has several Annexures.

As part of our effort to be open and transparent we are making our Disclosure Statement available on-line.
Each year an updated version of our Disclosure Statement must be presented to and approved by the Office of Fair Trading as part of our annual reporting. We endeavour to make the latest version avaiable here.

Kanjini Co-Op Disclosure Statement - current version dated 22-02-2022

The Kanjini Co-Op Disclosure Statement has the following Annexures, which are included in the above public version.

Members and Shares including Rights and Liabilities attached to Shares
Maintenance Contribution Schedule
Labour and Food Schedule
Vision Statement
Conflict Resolution Policy

The following financial Annexures are not publicly avaiable.
business-plan including Loan Funds

If you need to view any of those, please contact us