As a registered Cooperative, Kanjini is legally obligated to be governed by a set of Rules.
The Office of Fair Trading, Department of Employment, Economic Development & Innovation in Queensland, has provided us with a set of Model Rules.

Through many group discussions we have amended these model rules to fit our vision.
In cooperation with the Office of Fair Trading we then further amended the draft rules to ensure they are in accordance with the Cooperatives Act (~1.7Mb) and still allow us to realise our Vision.
These rules have been unanimously adopted by the members of Kanjini Co-Op during our formation meeting on 20.09.2009.

We have since then made several additional changes to our rules, all of which were checked and approved by the Office of Fair Trading.
Kanjini Co-Op has a policy of transparency so we happily provide this current version (pdf file 275Kb).

Some people have told us that it is not good to have too many rules, yet we know several communities which failedbecause they did not have clear rules. Additionally as a cooperative we are required by law to have a minimal set of rules.

The reason that we have spent so much time writing our rules is because the model rules are pretty much the absolute minimum any Cooperative can have, but they did not suit us as they were.
And our current rules are still about the same size as the model rules, so it is not that we have created even more rules, it is more that we have changed the model rules so our members have more rights and our board of directors is much more accountable.

For example in the model rules board meetings are closed, in our rules each member has a right to attend all board meetings, making for much more openness and accountability.

We believe because we have spent so much time to change the model rules, Kanjini Co-Op will be more transparent, fairer and more suited to our purposes.

We are confident that these rules provide us with a solid set of tools to pool our assets, cooperate, solve any internal conflicts, share the land and advance our vision.

And as with everything, our rules may be changed by a General Meeting as circumstances and experiences change.

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