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8th April 2018

Extreme Rainfall Event - Pump and Roads

Just before Easter we had what was the most intense rainfall event in recorded history for the Clohesy River / Davies Creek and Emerald Creek catchments.
Dozens of farms lost their irrigation pumps, many houses got badly flooded (including Svargo's) and even the very high Davies creek bridge went under and needed significant repairs.

At Kanjini we lost the electric pump supplying the houses,
Our internal roads suffered wash-outs and landslides and piles of trees and debris blocked the roads along the creek, all of which took a fair bit of chainsaw and tractor work to remedy and make tracks passable again.

We do not have too many pics as our focus was on fixing the damage. We have none of the huge pipe of trees across the tracks along the creek or the lanslides blocking roads, but here are a couple of the lost pump shed and some ruts in the roads:

where our electric pump used to be
A firefighter pump where our electric pump used to be in a shed, which was washed away by the force of the water

a deep wash-out in one of the tracks

washout in road
  This side-drain (whoa-boy) worked well and prevented worse damage to the road, but the heavy down-pourwashed it out.

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