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Posted 15th December 2017

Emerald Escape Camping is Now Open!!!!

Things have really been moving around Kanjini lately especially with the launch of our newest business venture 'Emerald Escape Camping'. After spending probably a couple of thousand hours and tens of thousands of dollars, we passed the council inspection and are open for business. Don't know if we realised what we were getting ourselves in for when we started, but it looks like it is all going to pay off in the end and what an amazing experience we have created.

It has been a challenging experience finding innovative ways to overcome the challenges put before us to try and create a camping experience that is all by the book while still implementing alternative concepts like composting toilets and using second hand, recycled and natural materials where possible.

We are hoping this project will help to fund Kanjini Co-Op, create work for its members, and open the land up to the public getting the vision of Kanjini to more people and hopefully even attract new members to join us.

We would also like to put out a BIG thank you to everyone that has helped us along the way. We don't know what we would do with out the support of the wider community it is a constant reminder that community is so valuable and why we work so hard to support it.

Below is a description of Emerald Escape Camping and what sets us apart from many other sites, for more information you can go to the website emeralescapecamping.com

Kanjini Co-Op is now offering a very special camping experience. Having a very limited number of camp sites spread over approximately 5000 acres of diverse landscape not only ensures very private camp sites, but also offers very different settings. Ranging from the 25 acre lake to the always refreshing emerald creek, your own billabong with gumtrees to being up in the escarpment with spectacular views, you can be sure to find your perfect camping escape. All campers can take advantage of the vast hiking and designated day-areas e.g. on the 25 acre lake or at the creek.
Being right next to magnificent emerald falls and bordering World Heritage offers additional hikes and swimming experiences. Our property is also used by various mountain bike events and offers very challenging tracks.

Currently there are only six camp sites, some of which are small and intimate and can only accommodate half a dozen people, others are able to accommodate over a hundred people and are ideal for parties or other private events, but each site is booked to only one party so you share it only with your family and/or friends and the next camp site is hundreds of meters or even kilometres away.

Enjoy the pics!

arial view of camps accross property

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