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Posted 5th October 2017

Dingoes on Kanjini

Since we bought the property we have seen quite a few dingoes.

Almost all sightings were of solitary animals, but almost all were too short to take any photos and dingoes are very shy and run away as soon as possible. Interestingly we have seen both tawn and black dingoes in almost equal number of sightings. Most sightings were in the back country close to the escarpment, but some were even near our front gate or in the middle of the dam wall (where a solitary dingo was trying to sneak up to an egret at the water's edge).

Once we were very lucky to see a couple of black dingoes running together along the other side of the dam while we were having lunch. And we have a fair few pictures of dingoes from several automatic cameras, but almost all of those are at night. We have heard that dingoes are useful to deter cats and we have never seen any wild cats on our land. We were also told that the presence of squatter pigeons is a good indication that there are not many cats (as those make an easy meal for cats), and we have plenty of those.

black dingoes on the other side of the lake
Two black dingoes frollicking on the other side of the dam
a black and a tawn dingo
Our motion-sensor camera caught this unusal couple on their walk-about in 2016

Family on walkabout

and then about a year later, these juveniles going along with mum look like they might be the result of the above liasion....

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