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Posted 2nd October 2017

The Lake is Overflowing! - February 2017


Our lake is full and overflowing, which is a wonderful sight after two years of draught. In late 2015 about 150-180 megs fo water were pumped out of our lake and during the 2016 wet-season we had no inflow into our big lake at all, so by late 2016 it looked rather "empty".
We were thrilled to see that a single good rainfall event this year filled the lake up rather quick. It took less than a week for the lake to rise by 3.5 or 4 meters and to start overflowing! Considering that Lake Tinaroo, the areas main dam only went from 1/3 to 1/2 we are counting ourselves blessed.

And it creates such a nice feeling being in our new marquee which is now right on the waters edge...

View across full lake
Nice to see the lake full again!
empty lake
This was our lake in September 2016

full lakeand this was our lake in early February 2017, standing back a bit further :-)
the lake is overflowingLooking towards the overflow.
looking back towards the lake
and standing in the overflow and looking back towards the lake
full and empty size on map
The overflow was flowing well...
full and empty size on map
this overlay gives you the comparison between the over 25 acre full lake and the about 15 acre "empty" looking lake
another nice pic of the full alke
Reflections on the lake...
and one with a rainbow
and a nice rainbow

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