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Posted 20th June 2016

May-June 2016
wow wow wow what a month it has been!

The Hearts and Minds weekend was great we had a film crew out on the Kanjini land putting together a film on communities around Australia. It was great they did some filming of the land and also some interviews with the members, it is great when you are asked to explain something like Kanjini it reignites you interest in what you are doing and helps you to narrow down what it is that is so important to you. We also got some more fruit trees planted in the orchard and did the amazing Kanjini land tour, followed by a great group dinner and star gazing through the telescope seeing the rings around Saturn and the moons of Jupiter.  

On the Sunday we were down at the Cairns EcoFiesta with TNQ Sustainable Community Alliance spreading the word about the diverse range of communities around the area. So nice to see the interest around the area and see that people are becoming more and more open to the idea of living and working with your community. The music was great and we had a great time meeting many like minded people from around the area.

Later that week as part of the Cairns Eco Week TNQ Sustainable Community Alliance held a public information evening in Cairns. Each of the communities had a small presentation as well as our two guest speakers Dr Colin MacGregor, senior lecturer and coordinator for Bachelor of Sustainability, JCU and Dr Shaneen Fantin, adjunct associate professor, school of Architecture, UQ. 
It was a wonderful information packed night, and so great to see the turn out, we had around 45 people show up for the event with most of the attendees asking for more events like this. It is a pleasure to share the work we are doing and to learn more about some of the other projects too. 

We also have been making some progress on the camp sites getting the prep work done to get the toilets concreted in we now have three all done and have the prep done for the next three. We also did some more work in the orchard mowing around the trees and planting some more, as well as some native trees by the lake area. there has been a lot of work on the tracks and roads around the property.

In cooperation with Parks and Wildlife we started some mosaic burning on the Kanjini land, the first three patches were burned on the 8th of June two more patches will be burned before the end of the month. As it is vary early in the year these are vary cool burns meaning they are more patchy which creates more refugee areas for wild life while significantly reducing fuel loads to avoid catastrophic fires later in the year. we vary much thank parks and wild life and the rural fire brigades for there excellent work. 

We also had a wonderful vision weekend focusing on a possible festival for next year. It was such a joy to come together on the land and share in the vision of this event and look at the potential for events on Kanjini land. The whole weekend just had such a beautiful focus on community from cooking and eating together to going on walks and collect fire wood, to just sitting around the fire at night sharing music and stories. 


Looking forward to what this next month has in store for us!
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