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Posted 18th February 2016
Some great pics from the end of 2015

Getting ready for the wet season

Reinforcing the crossings

our first citrus coming on the in the orchard

Jackfruit starting to get its first fruit think its a male

Lychees from the tree yummy

Mangoes growing down by the creek they are stringy but they tast so good

New landscaping on the lake side

Creating a walkway in to the lake

pumped out the lake and created a new hangout area

our newest implement for the tractor a mulcher flail mower
black&white beautiful to see the wood intertwined

love watching the water flow

where we like to spend our lunch breaks

now what should we do next?

boys will be boys

the ever beautiful emerald creek

beautiful reflections

framed with branches
Days that we are working out on the Kanjini land this is where
we love to spend the hot hours of the day have lunch play in the water
 it is our little oasis

such an amazing tree love the roots 
makes you feel like you are in a fairytale

Emerald Creek

clearing the house pad for the caretakers house
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