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Posted 24th September 2015

Kanjini Co-Op Annual Gathering 2015

What an amazing weekend thank you to everyone that came out to the land for this beautiful gathering! We had such a great time and so enjoyed getting to share the space that we love and get to catch up with some old friends and get to know some amazing new people too. The weekend was a great success and look forward to its growth over the years to come. 

Enjoy the pics!

View from across the lake

Jacana the water walker (j

Presentation time

What a beautiful place

A legless lizard

Camp 3

Adler hill

Baby play area

Enjoying some music around the campfire

Our new recycled pallet furniture

Enjoying some water sports on the lake

View from the kitchen on pizza night

Games corner

Chai working on the Hangi fire

Banana leaves for the Hangi

Who needs a shovel when you have a tractor Hangi covered!

Birthday cake

Everyone getting in for the Hangi dinner

What a feast!!!!!

Yummy they were loving it

Enjoying some of the presentations

Checking out Emerald creek

Big boys game corner

some afternoon tea

Glow sticks with the kids

They were just loving it

Svargo giving one of the land tours

Micheal just had to check if it would hold

Getting things lined up

The underside of the pontoon

Checking it is safe for everyone

Lets get this thing ready

Checking the knots

One side done now one to go

Amazing what we can do when we work together

We can move mountains or pontoons in this case

Paddle/kick out for anchor


Enjoying the new pontoon with the kids

Alone time to stretch out and relax

The Back of the bus tour gang

Tour to the A-Frames

Sharing circle and amazing presentations by Steve, Micheal, Christine, Cathy, Frank, Lindy, and Svargo.

Suha the welcoming committee

Never seen so much yummy food on one table

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