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Posted 15th June 2015

Camp Site 5

Today I slashed the track to camp 5 and cleared and leveled the camp area and its parking area. Camp 5 is in a very private and beautiful spot right on Emerald Creek. The camp site itself is only about 30m away from the creek, on a ledge which might just get flooded in a very big flood. Just above that, definitely above highest flood level is another large level area where at least half a dozen vehicles could park. The camp site is at least 50 square meters, enough for 5-6 tents and has really nice views onto the river, with some very big beautiful trees, a very shady spot.
This is a very beautiful camp site and is going to be one of the favorites...

Enjoy the pics!

This is a panorama shot from the creek looking upstream with camp 5 being on the ledge at the left

parking area for camp 5; the track on the very left is going down to the creek and camp 5 itself

  camp 5 area

Panorama view half-way down to the creek from the parking area with camp 5 on the far left and the creek right ahead

And this is a panorama shot looking towards the creek from the middle of camp 5

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