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Posted 14th January 2015
Walk to potential sites for camp 11

This camp site is part of the second stage of camping spots and in the middle of the escarpment on Lot 68. The 11a camp site is ok, but not really exciting and would require a fair bit of clearing to have any good views, but by going up a different ridge I found a track which can probably be taken right up to about 650m elevation, marked as Camp_11 in below map. There is only one challenging bit where the dozer will have to cut along the side of a ridge, since there are too many rocks on top of it, but I think that should be possible. My preferred site is Camp_11b as it has a quite large flat area and some nice big rocks. It might be a bit of a challenge to get a track

Enjoy the pics!

Walk to Camp 6 and above
This is the walk I did to Camp 11 and just above, up to ~660m elevation.
camp 11a panorama
This is a panorama shot from the 11a campsite to the NW. You can make out the lake through the trees

And this is a panorama shot to the SE from the same site

view from camp 11a towards the lake

view from camp 11b
  Looing onto camp 11b and the big rocks behind it. You can see the lake through the trees on the far left.

Panorama view from camp 11b to the West, The lake is on the right between the last rock and the rose gum
panorama with cave
Panorama view from camp 11b to the East

view from a big rock near the end of the track to the NW, just above camp_11

Near the end of the track is this rose-gum standing out in front of a big rock

The panoramic view from the big rock near the end of the track

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