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Posted 2nd June 2015

Kanjini Co-Op's Adler Hill property is most resilient to climate change

JCU university recently published a large study looking at which areas of Australia are most resilient and which ones are least resilient to future climate change.

They used eighteen global climate change models and four different greenhouse gas emission scenarios to identify those areas which are likely to be climatically and experiencing the lowest animal species loss, looking at the vulnerability of 1700 animal species.

The main purpose of the study was to identify private properties which will best support wildlife 70 years from now, even under a relatively severe climate change scenario.

The map on the left rates the climate resilience of private properties in Queensland, with the most resilient ones shown in dark green and the least resilient ones shown in dark red. Protected areas and reserves are left in grey.

Assoc Prof VanDerWal said the map was produced with an eye to finding areas where wildlife refuges would be most effective. “These areas would likely still support wildlife populations regardless of how much the climate changes under these worst-case scenarios.” he said.

Apparently the next stage of the process involves the government acquiring the land that’s the most efficient and effective in improving the future resilience of existing and new state parks, or involving land owners in the Nature Assist Program that helps them to conserve the species on their land.
If we zoom into the Cairns area of the above map, we can fairly easily make out our Adler Hill property. Remember we bought three properties making up the old Adler Hill Holding, Lot 66, 67 and 68.
Lot 68 is the easiest to find, it is all of the dark green patch closest to Cairns and the coast. Lot 67 is the first part of the next dark green patch immediately to the west (I have added the approximate boundary line in black), and lot 66 is the yellow bit between the two.

It makes us feel very blessed to have one of the most climate resilient private properties in Australia, and that it is the closest to Cairns is a nice bonus. We expect a letter or phone call soon about the Nature Assist Program... :-)

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