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Posted 24th December 2017
Lets do it together.

We wanted to share some pictures and stories about a great weekend we had a few months ago.

Out on the land at our Hearts & Minds meeting a few moths ago we had such a wonderful experience with an outstanding group of people and all their lovely children too.

We did have a few projects to work on over the weekend, it was so great to get the extra hand to work together.

First we did a lot of work on building the support structure to go down in to the septic trench for the camping. it was a masterpiece designed by Svargo, using old window frames with aluminium sheets left over form the old sugar terminal in Cairns. This structure ended up being approximately 700mm wide and 800mm high and just over ten meters long. It took 7 people, a Prado, a trailer and some group evaluations/ brainstorming to transport it around 1.5 km, and DID IT! So great to see how people working together can achieve the unachievable.

After that we were all ready for a swim so we headed back to the lake to fix up the pontoon. Over the weekend we paddled it back to shore so that we could take out the barrels with water and see if we could fix some of the barrels and dispose of any that were no longer usable.

The kids had a blast helping us with this project they did a lot of the paddling to help and some of them even did the big swim back from the middle of the lake.

The food was another great thing that just came together so wonderfully over the weekend we had great veggie platters throughout the days for healthy snacks, yummy fruits for breakfast and a great spread for our BBQ dinner. We even enjoyed marshmallows around the fire in the evening followed by a beautiful night of camping under the stars. What a magical place to see the stars and wake up to the birds in the morning.

These are the kind of weekends that really remind us what it is we are working for. Seeing the fun that can be had when working together to achieve a common goal its what we are all striving for and what an amazing place to share these experiences.

We would also like to thank everyone that made it out to share this beautiful weekend with us, and look forward to our next gathering.

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