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Posted 3rd July 2015
Camp Site 6 constructed

A couple of days ago we created the track to camp 6 and cleared and leveled the camp area and its parking area. It was the first time we created a totally new track with our tractor and we had to move one quite large rock, but it all went well. Now we just have to do some manual finishing and dig a pit-toilet.
Camp 6 is situated in the escarpment at the back of our land and enjoys great views. There is a great walk from camp 6 up the ridge to a big rock-overhang/cave with stunning panoramic views (see previous news story).

here a few pics :-)

view from camp 6 towards the west-north-west

looking across camp 6 to the south-east onto the great dividing range
looking north-north-west with the big lake in the distance looking up the ridge - walk to cave

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